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How to Mine Cryptocurrencies Without a Mining Rig

7 months ago

Mining nowadays has gotten very hard and expensive due to the hardware and the difficulties regarding the software security mechanisms and the overall coin economics. The operational cost can vary on the hardware selected.

It created a barrier of entry for the geeks and enthusiasts for running the system out of pure fun or curiosity, but fret not we have created a guide for running a small mining operation with your laptop/PC with a software called Nicehash.

Let’s get started:

  • Navigate to

  • Click on “Download” in the section below

  • Download installers according to the GPU

  • Once downloaded run the installer and select the desired location to download

  • Run the program

  • Agree to the licences

  • Fill in the captcha to verify that there is no bot involved

  • Nicehash will initialise the process

  • A command line will launch do not close it

  • Once on this, please setup the wallet with your BTC address

  • Add BTC wallet

  • Save the information

  • Press the start button in the middle

  • Success!

The nicehash program will analyze the system and would initiate the mining process easily on the optimized platform and algorithm.

We hoped you like this guide, tune in for more!