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How to Shop on Amazon with Bitcoin

7 months ago

Bitcoin holds a much more greater store of value but it’s limited is it can only be used for applications such as exchanges and wallets, luckily, is an application that utilises bitcoin as a payment method to purchase from Amazon.

Bitcoin will be exchanged with gift card holders for exchange of the item available on Amazon, this is identical to the matching engine available on the exchanges.

How to shop on Amazon with Bitcoin

We will list the steps below;

  • Navigate to

  • Click on Sign Up

  • Fill in the details and click “create account”

  • Once on the Dashboard, click  on wallet

  • Use the provided wallet to send funds

  • The funds would be easily stored and the user will be notified

  • Click Shop

  • Search for the desired product

  • Once selected, press add to cart and checkout

  • Once checked out, fill in the relevant shipping address and details

  • Once done, a redirect would be here

  • Click on “SHIP TO NEW ADDRESS”

  • If the Bitcoin matches, the order would be shipped.

  • Success!

We hoped you like this guide, please let us know if we missed something else, and stay tuned for more helpful guides like these!

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