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3 Assets Better Than ERC-20

7 months ago

Since the launch of Smart Contracts in Ethereum, customised assets have been all the rage ever since, repurposing tokens to represent shares or giving it a utility or making it fungible for collection purposes.

Many other cryptocurrencies dabbled with the ideas of enabling Smart Contract to issue customised tokens for different purposes, in this article we will list down the tokens that are better than an average ERC-20


NEP-5 assets are the best alternative to current to ERC-20 standards as of now, made from the NEO blockchain and leveraging the current state of the network, NEP5 token standards are transferable from the moment of creation and can be used to make decentralized applications. The mechanism allows for advanced token communication between peers and decentralized exchanges.

NEO utilises the already turing complete languages by distributing frameworks for them to make the new assets, C#, Python and many more.

Stellar Assets

These assets have no formal classification, made on the Stellar network, these assets can be utilised to make decentralized payments. Due to current limitations it does not currently have the capability to make decentralized applications of larger scale. The strongest feature is instantaneous settlements, tens or thousands of transactions are accepted at once.

Stellar does not use turing complete languages. It uses Javascript for making the assets.


Dubbed as the killer of Ethereum and the upcoming star of ICOs by raising over 4 Billion $ on it’s ICO, the native asset is very efficient and can go upto the 2000 Transactions per second mark when utilising it.

EOS utilises the already turing complete languages by distributing SDK for them to make the new assets, it is currently in C.

After a lot of research and development we have finally compiled this list which we think will be the game changers in the diluted ethereum token market!