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5 Best Crypto Mining Friendly Countries

7 months ago

Cryptocurrencies are bringing forth a very big change in the way we transact and interact with our economies, revolutionizing institutions and promoting decentralization to be in charge of details instead of corporations.

Best Countries for Crypto Mining

The way to make these cryptocurrency is derived from devices geared towards solving hard and complex questions to generate these new cryptocurrencies, not printed or managed by an intermediary.

Mining has taken off from a hobby to an entire industry, the countries listed below will accomodate miners of any sort;


Danish government does not care for the cryptocurrencies, despite several warnings and prohibitions, paired with the fact that the danish government has no tax, allows for profits in the operations, industrial mining is not cleared out but smaller operations are.


Malta is the first nation to allow for cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain for businesses and corporations to use, the country has offered full support from the government and has offered minimal tax on operations, Malta is an ideal area for starting a mining operation.


Georgia is in the same regards to the Danish government, with less jurisdiction over the new cryptocurrencies, and has 2 factors to it’s contribution of becoming the mining hub, it’s weather and it’s cheap power prices due to power producing plants.


China is a giant when it comes to mining as many pools currently exist within China and have less restriction towards miners, from home based to entire industries full of these devices that account for 71% of total hashpower of mining networks.


Switzerland has become a haven for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and cryptocurrency markets by offering licences and support from financial authorities in ICOs to full fledged cryptocurrencies, although setting up operations in switzerland might not be cheap but it is recommended for the time being.