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Youngest Crypto Millionaires

7 months ago

With the volatility and the ever changing prices of the cryptocurrencies, came a new trend of Millionaires that were relatively younger in experience and age both. Investing in BTC with holiday savings, general savings or pocket money to HODL, needless to say, the wait was worthwhile as an investment of 10$ could have equated them to have about 100x or 200x in millions today.

Crypto Made Young Millionaires

Since then, the investors have started training and educating the masses about the next big investments that can gain them millions, if not billions in return.

We will list down the millionaires below:

Kingsley Advani

Advani is the biggest advocate for cryptocurrencies that hold store of value, he had invested a total of 34,000$ for Bitcoins back in 2012, which was a very huge gamble but paid off well in a few years evidently.

The boom of Bitcoin price allowed for him to leave his job and enables him to travel around the globe as an advisor and as angel investor.

Peter Saddington

A seasoned computer scientist that has earned 3 master degrees in his respective field, Peter learned about Bitcoin through a publication, intriguing him to fall further in the rabbit hole and bought more than 1000 Bitcoin for 2$/each. He’s also known for a meme “When Lambo” as he liquidated 45 Bitcoins for a Huracan after the price boom.

Peter runs a social media network called and a startup. He also makes informational videos on topics and coins on Youtube.

Winklevoss Twins

The Winklevoss twins are better known for their case against Facebook for “Intellectual Property Rights” but little is known about their involvement in cryptocurrencies as their investment in Bitcoin made them billionaires.

The twins have now established themselves as the leading figure of the community and have launched their own exchange called “Gemini”.

Erik Finman

Erik is a self-made millionaire and is the most popular advocate for cryptocurrencies, making a bet with his parents at the age of 18 to skip college if he was a millionaire by then, using a 1000£ investment that was a gift from his grandmother into Bitcoin, which evidently worked to his favour, making him a millionaire.

Erik then worked on a P2P tutoring service which he sold for 300 Bitcoins and plans on setting up more enterprises.

Jeremy Gardner

After the whole Silk Road ordeal, Jeremy garnered great interest for Bitcoins and bought some in 2013, having a hunch, he thoroughly researched and invested in Bitcoins and validated his claims in 2014, getting his portfolio alot of traction.

Gardner has built the ‘Crypto Castle’ that houses a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, most of the tenants have then went on to become millionaires.

ChangPeng Zhao

Changpeng is a multi millionaire, but he did not make bank by HODLing Bitcoin, his history is more complicated as he has experience building trading exchanges for brokers and high value trading platforms with his own company, he eventually joined the Blockchain revolution in 2013.

Since then Changpeng has raised investment and operating the largest and most highly liquidated exchange known as ‘Binance’.

These millionaires are the most revered and known around the crypto community and are encouraging adoption towards more cryptocurrencies to see the influx of new millionaires in the space.